Questions? We have the answers!

What is the difference between non-exclusive and exclusive designs?
Our non-exclusive logos give an unlimited, irrevocable, royalty free license to use your newly customized design for your business. This logo cannot be trademarked, and the original logo will remain available on The Power of Site for other businesses to purchase, and customize for their own use.

Our exclusive logos give you the FULL intellectual property rights to the design. This logo CAN be trademarked and the original logo will be removed from our site and will not offered for sale at any point, ever again. The option of purchasing the 'exclusivity' of a design is only offered to the FIRST buyer of the design.

So, if the recycled design has NOT been purchased and customized before by another client, you will have the option of buying the exclusivity rights to it for just an additional $100, giving you 100%, full intellectual property rights to the design.

Where do recycled designs come from?
When we create a custom logo for a client we provide them with 8 to 12 original designs to select from. Because only ONE of these designs are chosen by the end of the process, we end up with a number of "runner-up" logos. So, rather than leave these creative designs in design-land-limbo, we recycle our very best "runner-up" designs at a cost of just $79.

What is the process for choosing a recycled design?
You choose a logo you like...and we'll turn it into a logo you LOVE by customizing it with your business name, your tag line, your colors and font!

How long will it take to customize a recycled design?

Once we receive your request and customization details, we will email the first draft of your customized logo for your review within just TWO business day! Now that's fast! If it's not quite right, you can request further changes to it.