Designers! Recycle your best Designs here!

This is a great way to sell unused designs you've already created!

Your logos will be offered to our clients for a non-exclusive licence price of $79. What does this mean? It means your design can be sold multiple times to individuals or businesses who don't mind that their logo could also be used by someone else. For our clients who do mind, FULL exclusive rights to your design are offered for a cost of $179, but only if the design has NOT be sold before. If your design is sold with full exclusivity rights, your design is removed from our Recycled Designs area, and will not be offered for sale again.

What will my earnings be? And how will you pay me?
We pay designers up to 75% of every sale. We can pay you via your paypal account (you are responsible for your own paypal fees), or we can mail you a cheque.

What is the process should my design be chosen?
When one of our clients chooses your your design, we will ask you customize the logo according to the client's requirements. From the time we notify you, you MUST provide us with the revised logo within two business days. If you can meet these time requirements, you will be paid 75% of the total cost. If you are unable to meet the time requirements and we need to make the edits on your behalf, your earnings will be 40% of the total sale.

What parts of my design will I need to customize?
We will provide you with the client's requirements, but you can expect to change:

1. company name
2. tagline/slogan
3. basic colors
4. font

Anything requested above this will result in the client having to pay for the additional time you spend on the file.

What file types will I be asked to provide?
We provide our clients with industry standard files, and upon successful completion of the logo customization, you will need to provide the following:

1. print-ready .eps format
2. proofing file in .pdf format
3. high-quality .jpg

All .eps/pdf files must have all fonts converted to curves/outlines, and all color codes must be provided along with the file (CYMK or PANTONE).

How do I get started and submit my unused designs for recycling?
We thought you'd never ask (but we're sure glad you did)! We're looking for high-quality designs, and if you have a design or designs you'd like to submit, please send us a copy of your design (in jpg or pdf format) to: If we love your design, then we will follow up with you as to the details of the next step.

1. Please send your logo as a generic company, and not as the original company's name.
2. The design must be an original design (no royalty-free clip art or photos).

Questions? Please contact us!